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Dr. Tyler Steward opened our chiropractic care center in 2019. He selected the name as the Upper Cervical portion is the North Peak of the spine.

The Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

Though many chiropractic techniques are practiced today, Dr. Steward chose to specialize in upper cervical chiropractic. He likes that it uses low force and does not require any twisting or popping. The technique is also highly precise and effective. Dr. Steward focuses on providing spinal correction for the long term, so his patients do not need to commit to long care plans. “I am not in the business of seeing patients three times a week for a year.”

Three Health Issues Related to a Spinal Misalignment

Did you know that you can have three issues that relate to your health? The first category are issues directly related to your spine being misaligned. The second category are issues related to living with a spinal misalignment. For example, if we hold a bowling ball next to our chest, we can hold it for a long time, but if we extend our arm out, that’s going to get heavy quickly. The same thing works with your head. If your head goes off center, then your whole body starts to lean, and you can get pain in your knees, your ankles and all over.

The third cause is not related to a spinal misalignment at all. Let’s say you have a vitamin deficiency or a genetic disorder. If you have a problem that is stemming from category one or two and Dr. Steward makes a great correction, you should be able to get better.

Why Try Chiropractic?

Dr. Steward can correct most problems without the use of drugs or surgery. The level of care he provides also makes him stand apart from other providers. Dr. Steward does pre and post-X-rays. He knows precisely if he made the correction or not. If a patient is not getting better and he corrected their spine then he knows that their issue is not chiropractic related. When that is the case we will refer you somewhere else for care.

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