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So, you found your way here because you’ve been dealing with dizziness and you want answers. You may have already been to neurologists, ENTs, vestibular physical therapists, or chiropractors, and you still are left with nagging symptoms. The truth is, dizziness is a complex condition. It’s a term used to describe multiple different sensations. Which one(s) are you experiencing?

Different Forms of Dizziness

Which Form of Dizziness Do You Have?


Vertigo is the sensation that you, or the world around you, is spinning in circles.

Rocking, tilting, swaying, off balance

This type of dizziness causes you to feel like you’re on a boat, or not stable on your feet. You might feel like you are rocking back and forth. It is different than feeling like you are spinning in circles (vertigo). You might feel like you’re being pulled to one side.


The sensation that you may pass out. You feel a disconnect between your conscious awareness and your physical body.

Motion Sickness

The feeling of nausea combined with lightheadedness or raftiness.

Dizziness is a sign that there is something wrong with one of the 4 components to the body’s vestibular system. Unfortunately, the underlying cause of your dizziness can easily be missed if all 4 components aren’t comprehensively evaluated. Even if you see one of the top doctors in their field, if they only focus on their “sensor” of specialty, the underlying cause can be missed. All 4 components must be comprehensively evaluated to find where the problem is.

Four Vestibular System Components

Processor Sensors
The Brain
The Inner Ear
The Muscle & Joints
The Eyes

That’s why Dr. Tyler Steward formulated the 3A Brain Restoration Program.

3A Brain Restoration Program Dr. Steward created this program to pinpoint exactly where the problem is coming from and to fix the problem at its source. Do you think you could benefit from a comprehensive dizziness evaluation? Well you’re in luck because we are offering you a FREE phone consultation with Dr. Steward! Dr. Steward and yourself will discuss what your challenges are, how they came about, how they are affecting you, and what we need to do to get you on the path back to your best life. Click the button below to fill out the form and a friendly staff member will find a time that works best for your free phone consultation with Dr. Steward! GET A FREE PHONE CONSULTATION »

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