Meet Dr. Tyler Steward

Dr. Steward grew up playing hockey, and made the varsity team as a freshman in high school. “As the little guy on the team, I got banged up pretty badly. I messed up my neck.” The only provider that was able to help him was a chiropractor. Dr. Steward also noticed improvements in his overall health after beginning chiropractic care! This intrigued him, which eventually put him on his path of chiropractic.

Education and Certifications

After earning his undergraduate degree, Dr. Steward enrolled in Life University. He enjoyed submersing himself in chiropractic. Dr. Steward developed his technique. He honed his skills even before he started his doctorate. “I was able to advance myself while being in the doctorate program while my colleagues and peers were learning the basics.” While at Life, he also served as president of the Pierce Results Club (a technique club) on campus.

In addition to obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Steward earned a technique certification in the Pierce Results System. He also obtained one in orthospinology, which is a type of upper cervical care. Dr. Steward loves the analytical and precision nature of upper cervical chiropractic.

In His Spare Time

Outside the practice, Dr. Steward enjoys playing hockey and spending time in the outdoors. He likes hunting, fishing, hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Dr. Steward is a member of the Hudson Chamber of Commerce. He looks forward to joining the Wisconsin Chiropractic Society.

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