New Patients

Welcome to North Peak Chiropractic. In our friendly and calm environment, you will quickly know that you have come to the right place to get on the path to better health. The care you will receive here is gentle and precise.

The First Visit

At this initial appointment, you will meet with Dr. Steward. He will take your history, perform a gentle exam, and take any needed x-rays. You may return later this day, or the following day for your follow up visit. Please allow 20 minutes for this initial appointment.

During this appointment, Dr. Steward will review your condition, the results of your X-rays, and the plan to get you feeling better.  He will also review your insurance benefits with you at this time. You will then receive your first chiropractic adjustment.  This visit takes up to 20 minutes.

Dr. Steward typically recommends a series of follow-up adjustments to get you better. If you are just coming in for an adjustment, your appointments will be brief at about 10 minutes in length.

Our goal is to correct your spine with as few visits as possible. After we provide correction, we want to prevent issues from reforming. Depending on your spinal health, Dr. Steward will make a recommendation for follow up adjustments after your initial plan.  These are typically few-and-far-between. It is like seeing your dentist every six months to maintain optimal oral health.

Paying For Care

We accept ALL insurance!

  • This includes Forward Health / BadgerCare, Medicare, Health Partners, Auto, Work Comp, and many more.

We have many flexible and affordable plans for cash patients.

Patient Education

We believe that when someone is educated on their health issue, they can achieve optimal health faster. Dr. Steward spends ample time with each patient during their visits to answer any questions that they may have.


Discover the remarkable benefits of gentle chiropractic care. Contact our Hudson practice today to book an appointment.

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