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Upper cervical is a term of correcting the top bone in your spine where there is a misalignment. There are about six or seven different technique systems on how to do that. Our practice is set up to do orthospinology which is a specific type of upper cervical care. With the system that we use, Dr. Steward can see anybody from a newborn to the oldest person possible.

A Preventative Approach

Perhaps you are already feeling great but want to explore upper cervical care. Dr. Steward will run a patient history to see what is going on with you and if you are asymptomatic. If you are, you still could have a spinal misalignment. He will perform the checks to see if you are misaligned. If you are he can correct this misalignment. Our goal at the practice is to prevent any problems from happening in the future. So coming in for upper cervical care is more of a preventative, versus a corrective approach.

What to Expect

Dr. Steward will place you on your side on a specific table. You will be in a fetal position. He then will perform the following:

  • Use an instrument to go the exact angle that you need
  • Place the small stylus of the tool right behind your ear
  • Provide a gentle and subtle tap with the device
  • Bring you to an upright position
  • Recheck your range of motion

He then will walk you around a little bit such as up and down the hallway a couple of times. Then Dr. Steward will recheck you and see how you are feeling from there.

One of a Few Area Upper Cervical Providers

It is estimated that only about 5 percent of chiropractors perform upper cervical adjusting. In our area, there are one or two other chiropractors that are within about a 30-mile radius that does upper cervical. Dr. Steward is the only upper cervical chiropractor in between the St. Croix River and Central Wisconsin. Our practice is on the border of Minnesota. So from that border all the way over to central Wisconsin, which is about a three-hour drive, there is not an upper cervical doctor in between. Dr. Steward is the only one that uses orthospinology.

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