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Upper Cervical is a method of chiropractic care known to help with many conditions.  The method was founded in the early 1920s and refined over the years through the use of research and advancing technology.  Images of the upper neck are obtained and measured to determine how the spinal misalignment shall be corrected.  An instrument is used to complete this adjustment.  The Upper Cervical technique that Dr. Steward utilizes is termed Orthospinology, which is very similar to NUCCA.

What to Expect

Dr. Steward will first take your medical history. Then, he will perform a gentle exam of your spine and any other areas of concern.  X-rays will then be taken at the office if needed.

The upper cervical adjustment starts with the patient lying on their side (See picture to the right)

  • Dr. Steward will use an instrument to go the exact angle that you need
  • He will place the small stylus of the tool right behind your ear
  • You will feel a gentle and subtle tap from the device
  • Then, you will come up to an upright position
  • Dr. Steward will recheck your range of motion

One of a Few Area Upper Cervical Providers

It is estimated that only about 5 percent of chiropractors perform upper cervical adjusting. In the Minneapolis Metro, there are roughly five total chiropractors that practice upper cervical. Dr. Steward is the only upper cervical chiropractor in between the St. Croix River and Central Wisconsin. Dr. Steward is the only Upper Cervical Chiropractor that practices the Orthospinology Procedures method in all of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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